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Welcome to the collective. Meet DAO founders, launch new ones, and manifest change. Leverage the content creator economy and drive community commerce. Co-create value and create jobs.

Out Of The Box

A few components to make DAOs run with efficiency:

  • Community: Wallets, Rewards, Gamification, Campaigns, Leaderboards, Jackpots, Contests.

  • Governance: Organization Design, Corporate Formation, Documents, Discussions, Voting.

  • Treasury: NFTs, Coins, Money Protocol, Staking, Yield Farming.

  • Monetization: Coseller Protocol, Royalty Facilitator, Loyalty Facilitator, Marketplaces, Shops, Memberships, Token Gating.

  • Blockchain: Choice of Polygon/Ethereum, BSC, Hashgraf, Solana, minting, tokens, NFTs, etc.

  • Trust: Custody, Compliance, Liquidity, Escrow, Trustee, Settlement, Anti-Fraud.

  • Venture Ecosystem: An entrepreneur network with members that help with various aspects of business, finance, legal, sales, and more.

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Decentralized Profit Making

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DAOtype is a core partner of the Coseller Protocol and MarketplaceOS. We work with leadership teams to empower global decentralized market networks for your business.Empower your DAO members to earn a fair share of profit through decentralized sales. Interconnect your platform with a web2.5 bridge into various businesses across the existing Internet.Get started and find your orbit:
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